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GE-60071.707 Gessi 60071.707 Up & Down - Vensterkraan met zwenkbare uitloop • Uitvoering: Black Metal Brushed
• Eéngreepsmengkraan met draaibare uitloop
• Bediening bovenaan
• Keramisch binnenwerk
• 360° draaibaar
• Geleverd met soepele aansluitslangen voor eenvoudige aansluiting
• Standaard kraangat Ø 35 mm
• Hoogte vanaf het werkblad: 289 mm 60071
845,79 € / St
incl. BTW
(min. 1)
MG-0149NE438B MGS NEMO R Black Steel The Nemo R is made of solid stainless steel, hand polished to a matte or shiny finish.
Exquisite design and ergonomics, allowing to regulate and direct water flow and temperature all with one hand.
Also available in our exclusive Black Steel, Titanium, Gold and Rose Gold finishes.
Free 210° rotation, but can also be ordered with a fixed spout.
RS version is supplied with a swiveling water outlet. Can be ordered either with the smooth handle or with the finely knurled handle (K version).
Marine grade AISI316 stainless – ideal for indoor and outdoor installation.
This kitchen faucet is equipped with a low water consumption cartridge. At an average 3 bar water pressure the water flow is of 8,5 lt/min. compared to 12 lt/min of a traditional cartridge, corresponding to 30% of water saving!
US version – flow rate 1.8 GPM at 60 PSI
Can be extracted from the base allowing installation in front of a window that must be occasionally opened.
Black Steel, Titanium, Rose Gold and Gold finishes are obtained with PVD treatment over matte stainless steel NEMO R
859,10 € / St
incl. BTW
(min. 1)